Our goal is to provide this top quality medical care to our community in the most cost efficient manner possible, while providing treatment for a broad range of ailments and minor emergencies in a timely manner.


6300 N. Wickham Road
Melbourne, Fl 32940

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6300 N. Wickham Road

Melbourne, Fl 32940

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Schedule Your COVID Test

Schedule your COVID test with Premier Urgent Care easily online! SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 PCR SAME DAY RESULTSRAPID GENTLE NASAL Q-TIP SWABResults provided electronically including distribution of a QR code (safe for most domestic or international travel).* Service not to be billed to Medical Insurance.Medical Codes and Diagnosis Codes...

Allergies? A cold? Acid reflux?

While it’s impossible to always pinpoint a cough by how it sounds, there are some key differences to give you clues as to what’s going on. Here's how to tell what that cough really means: ■ Postnasal drip sounds like: Either a dry or wet cough....

On-Site X-Ray & Laboratory

Whether it's a blood test or an x-Ray, medical tests at Premier Urgent Care are convenient, efficient, and affordable.We are fully equipped with on-site x-ray and a laboratory for drawing blood or urine samples. We welcome patients with emergent needs as well as those needing...