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6300 N. Wickham Road

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Auto Accident Injuries

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Auto Accident Injuries

At Premier Urgent Care our doctors perform a thorough medical exam and order any appropriate diagnostic tests.

Upon completion of your medical exam, recommendations for treatment will be made which may include medications and/or therapy to ease your pain and discomfort without any long-term complications.

Our Patient Account Representative acts as a liaison between you and your medical and financial recovery process. They will also explain to you your insurance benefits such as: reimbursement of lost wages, prescription medication and mileage back and forth to the doctor’s office. They will help you understand and complete any paperwork that your work and insurance company may give you. Our patient care coordinators are ALWAYS available to assist you.

Pain can be delayed.

When you’re in a car accident, your adrenaline kicks in. It’s your body helping you have the energy to deal with a dangerous situation. That adrenaline can also delay pain from an injury, though. https://www.lagyndr.com/buy-retin-a-cream/

We are open 7-days a week!

Premier Urgent Care is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 7pm and Saturday through Sunday from 8am to 5pm. https://www.lagyndr.com/buy-generic-100mg-viagra/

Don’t Delay Treatment

If you aren’t sure if you’re injured after a minor car accident, it’s important to get the right medical care. Call us today, 321-242-SICK.

"I have to say this office took care of me like I was family. They went to blows for me with the pharmacy down the street because they would not honor the generic version of my prescription. They not only called it into a different place so I didn't have to talk to the angry pharmacist but also found it at a cheaper price. Lynda you are awesome, thank you so much!"

- Wes G.

"I was new to the area, so I was dependent on recommendations from new neighbors and reviews. Thankfully, I was referred to Premier Urgent Care. Megan Maynard and team were wonderful. Megan listened patiently to an exhausted patient dealing with complications from a procedure and multiple areas of concern. She even helped with referrals for further follow-up. I would highly recommend if you experience an urgent medical need."

- M. Hill

"Brought my son today and we were treated like kings.The front staff was very friendly. Venus, the first nurse, was amazing and treated my son like an adult and was super professional. Then the doctor Walter Joyner came in and explained exactly the situation and then different routes we could take. Nicole also did an amazing job checking us out and getting me all of the proper paperwork. We were seen in less than 5 minutes! And the price was very reasonable. Ignore the 1 star people that only tend to complain. Thank you again for taking such good care of my son."

- J. Winch