We believe it is best to let our patients tell you the story of our service and dedication so please take a moment to read how they have answered when we asked them how we were doing.



testimonials-We asked Kim M:

1. How has chiropractic care improved your life?

I was referred to Dr. Nelson by my primary care physician for treatment of injuries from a vehicle accident, in an effort to defer surgery and reduce pain, after almost a year of insurance company responsibility avoidance, with increasingly debilitating pain and diminishing physical function. Although it’s still early in my course of treatment, and with the realization that my injuries, unfortunately, can never be fully undone, I can honestly say that I am experiencing a much appreciated improvement in the quality of my life and ability to function, thus far.

2. What would you say to a friend or family member who was curious about Chiropractic care?

Do it! It’s amazing! Do yourself a kindness and schedule a Chiropractic exam, especially if you haven’t ever had one. Forget what you may have heard about Chiropractic medicine as “not real medical care”, because it seriously is. It’s probably one of the most undervalued and important areas of medical care and preventative medicine, that there is.

3. What has pleased you most in your course of treatment at our practice?

The care, encouragement and professionalism of Dr. Nelson and staff are genuine. It’s very positive, healing environment and it’s obvious they truly enjoy improving the quality of their patient’s lives.

4. Additional notes/comments:

You rock! Thank you, Kim


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