Exercise Increases Longevity

Regular Exercise Literally Gets Deep Within Your DNA We all know that exercise can help athletes reach peak performance and help you lose weight. But did you know that it could also increase longevity. There has been an increasing amount of research on what humans can do to maximize lifespan or longevity. The discovery of…

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Weekend Warriors Be Wary

-Article From Florida Today There’s nothing like a shot of warm weather to awaken weekend warriors from winter hibernation on the couch. They may be tempted to grab the tennis racket, basketball sneakers or golf clubs and have a go at it. But before attempting that first forehand smash, jump shot or 300-yard drive, be…

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One Fact of ObamaCare All Seniors Need to Know

The Medicare program is very important to American seniors and provides the primary resource that our aging population relies upon for their medical care. However, its existence and mission to provide health coverage being threatened by the rapid increasing rise in health care cost and our country’s rising elderly population. There are approximately 47 million…

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